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February 13, 2010
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Kayla the Dragoness by KaylaTheDragoness Kayla the Dragoness by KaylaTheDragoness
EDIT: This is so old. I need to change her infos. X)

Ok, now you know where's coming from the nickname. She's one of my main Spyro OCs, so here's her bio\infos.

Surname: Kidd
Species: Dragon
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Race: Sea Navigators.
"Sea Navigators are the marine equivalent of the Peace Keepers. The main difference is that the last ones live in the desert sand dunes, tar pits and ice-caves, and the Sea Navigators in open oceans, cold lakes and, when they're on earth, tundras. They live in big wood galleons, so big that they are literally called 'floating cities'. These ships had a great impact on human myths, just think that the ships of the vikings, the drakkars, were built after them.
Like all of the Dragon Families, they live in a parallel dimension, but with their 'floating cities' those dragons can go easily in our world. Their land is Niflheimr (the land of the frost and the fog in Norse myths), but when they go in our world the correspondings of their land are Norway, Finland, Germany (only coasts) and Scotland.
Age: 936 Years Old
Human Age: 20 Years Old
Height: 1. 70 meters
Lenght: 3 meters
Breath: Fire
William Kidd (father)
Kassim Kidd (brother)
Nationality in Human World: Scottish
Dream: Found the Īle de la Tortue, a famous Caribbean island. It's said that pirates used this island for centuries for hide their treasures, and become Queen of Pirates (this sounds familiar, uh?).
Character: She's a proud, cocky dragoness that wants to show her father that she's a great pirate, because he wanted her to be a male and thinks females are good only to care about home and family. She acts like a male, and she's really similar to a male also for the voice and the aspect. She left her home/galleon (named 'Adventure Galley') at the age of 798 years old (16 years old in Human age).
Loves: Beer, rhum, tobacco, women, gunpowder's smell, bones, treasures.
Hates: Girly girls
Alignment: Neutral
Dragonfly: No one, she has a parrot called Jones

As you can see, there are many puns of famous pirates and things.

Kayla Kidd (c) Meh
Spyro (c) Insomniac
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