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Sly C. - Bartok Ref. Sheet (Updated) by KaylaTheDragoness Sly C. - Bartok Ref. Sheet (Updated) by KaylaTheDragoness
I had to finally update his ref. sheet as well. : D
Ludwig's best "henchman".

Name: Bartók
Surname: Rákóczy
Species: Vampire Bat
Date of death: October 31, year 1886 (my fanfic was written way before Sly 4's coming and now I am still trying to figure out dates for the charas' ages. :U )
Family: He has a very big family, with him being the oldest of other 9 siblings. (They're in equal number, 5 females and 5 males). Kaszandra (mother) and György (father). All of the family is composed by vampires by now.

English: Mark Hamill
French: Pierre-François Pistorio (Bonejangles in "The Corpse Bride")
Italian: Francesco Vairano (VA of Snape in "Harry Potter")
Dutch: Mark Rietman (Ramses in DreamWorks' "Prince of Egypt")


Alive: When he was alive, Bartók was kind (at least, compared to the greatest part of his family), respectful of others, proud (although not to the excess like Ludwig), always ready to help anyone in need. His favourite hobbies were studying astronomy, reading books and traveling (as an aristocratic of his time, he had a good culture and was able to speak Hungarian, Austrian and Russian fluently). He firmly believed into changing the world through knowledge and goodness.
Dead: In his actual condition, he is almost nothing of who he used to be. Bloodthirsty, arrogant and malicious, he is now a bitter follower of Ludwig and his most trusted man, although he seemingly isn't interested in his cause...

First-born of a noble family of the Austro-Hungarian empire, he lived in the cosiness and well being. Betrothed to a Russian noblewoman (Nastya Romanov), his wedding ended into tragedy when the coach that was bringing his wife from Moscow to Transylvania was attacked by gypsies, who killed her, took all of her jewels and clothes and threw her body in the river Danube.
This threw Bartók into a deep depression, weakening him day after day. He got so weak that, although it was almost over, he got the bubonic plague. After apparently surviving it, it is revealed to be only a vain illusion, as shortly after he falls into the disease the last time. He then died not much time later, buried alive as he got thought dead too early.

His violent death turned him into a vampire, as well as his family (they all got infected). His body turned enormous due to an altered process of decomposition.

Powers: He can turn into darkness/shadow, allowing him to move fast and unnoticed. When he turns into "darkness", he appears as black steam. Due to his ability, he can easily stalk those who dare to enter in his manor/mansion by simply hiding into their shadow. He can walk out during day only passing via other shadows, and must remain in them until night when doing so.
Weaknesses: Crosses, garlic, sunlight, you name them. Simply illuminating him with the light of a torch won't work thought, same as simply wearing a necklace of garlic as protection against him. He can't be killed unless impaled/having his heart teared off and pierced, as he's already dead, but his body tends to get literally in pieces (his head especially tends to fall off if receiving a very strong hit). As this may be a good strategy to make him lose time, it must be remembered his body can move and act even when the limbs/head are separated.

Allies: Ludwig ( [link] ), his "leader". He oddly tends to get jealous when he is giving his attention to others.
Enemies: Sly and his Gang of course and anything that represents something holy.
Stuff: His manor/mansion was once a beautiful place, but is now a decaying, creepy place. Who dares to come inside doesn't return back, being eaten by the family of vampires. Bartók sleeps inside of a coffin chained upside down where once there was his room. He has a sharp Hungarian accent.

Bartók (c) is mine so as the fanfic and the other OCs.
Sly Cooper (c) Sanzaru/Sucker Punch
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WolfofEnder Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Good actor choice :) for English
FireballStardraco Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
Good job on him, I really love how he came out.
JennissyCooper Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013
He got a lot bigger, didn't he? :XD:
KaylaTheDragoness Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For Ludwig's joy and pain, yes. XD Although he was this big by default, I just remade him as how I was going to make him before auto-censoring my fanfic. :D
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